Voltra eCruiser™- 100% Electric 4×4 Light Vehicle for underground mining

Introducing the Voltra eCruiser™ – the First 100% Battery Electric 4×4 Light Vehicle for Mining in Australasia!

The Voltra eCruiser™ is based on the strong and reliable Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series, the most popular light vehicle in mining today, the eCruiser’s heavy duty frame and drivetrain have been proven to survive the longest in rough, corrosive 4WD environments. Designed in Australia for Australian conditions.

Voltra provides underground mining fleets with the durability and toughness of the original 79 series Land cruiser, but with zero emissions, significantly reducing a mine’s carbon footprint, maintenance costs, and most importantly, the threat to workers posed by carcinogenic diesel exhaust particulate matter.


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Eight Advantages of the Voltra eCruiser


Zero Emissions

No Diesel Engine and Gearbox

Power Recuperation

Less Maintenance

User Friendly

Remote Speed Limiting & Diagnostics

Zero Risk of Fire Generation

1 Hour Fast Charge

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