Motor Type 3 phase permanent magnet radial flux
Cont. Power 66 kw
Peak Power 104 kw
Cont. Torque 106 Nm
Peak Torque 256 Nm
Cooling Agent 60/40 Glycol/Water
IP Level IP69
Inverter Power 110 kVA
Cont. Current 350 Arms
Peak Current 575 Arms
Cooling Agent 60/40 Glycol/Water
IP Level IP69
Charger Power 6.6 kw
Input Single phase (onboard charger)

CCS Type 2 Charger for fast charging

Cooling Agent 60/40 Glycol/Water



Original part time 4WD

Diff Lock Original
High Gear Ratio 4.19:1



Low Gear  Ratio




Cells 132 x 100 Ah
Cell Type Prismatic
Energy Content 42.24 kWh
Nominal Voltage 422 V
Min/Max Voltage 330V/482V
Cont. Current 33A
Peak Current 300A
Chemistry LiFeP04



Integrated Evaporator & Ducted air

IP Level IP69
Misc Aircon Type  

Variable speed 400V compressor w/independent cab heating/cooling, battery, electronics  & motor cooling Рall under software control

Brake Booster Type Original w/12V vacuum pump
Power Steering Variable speed – Original w/12V pump

Onboard Charger

The on-board charger is 6.6 kW single phase.

240 volt single phase, 32 A socket is required. A vehicle with 20% state of charge will take around 5.5 hours to recharge using the on-board charger only.

The DC fast charger is 3 phase. A vehicle with 20% state of charge will take around 40 minutes to recharge using a 50 kW DC fast charger.

The on-board charger requires a single phase 32 Amp socket. The DC fast charger must be permanently installed. Three phase power needs to be capable of meeting the peak requirements of the charger – so if 50 kW charger, then power supply must be 50 kW capable.