Battery cells/electrical

Yes, the Voltra battery pack is over 400V and so requires a suitably qualified engineer to carry out the works. The battery pack must also be partially dismantled and the technician must understand how this is done safely, and without damaging the battery management system.

Everything in the orange boxes or ducting must only be worked on by suitably qualified engineers. Swapping out items like motors and power electronics is neither complex nor dangerous (as long as the electrical system is isolated) – but opening the battery box opens up a range of subtle interactions and hazards that even an HV electrician may not be aware of. Diagnosing problems – i.e. where to look is also a completely different discipline. At this stage, Voltra (as the design engineers) are the only ones who can perform diagnosis. Even our diagnostic tools and DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) only provide raw data that has to be interpreted.

Approximately $300.00 plus shipping etc.

Used cells should be either re-purposed, have the electrolyte replaced and returned to service, or be recycled. Voltra will support in the recycling process.