Australian Design Rules (ADR)

We have a summary of evidence to show compliance with ADR.  This will be provided upon delivery of vehicle.

Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP)

We have developed a compliance matrix to relevant Department of Mines regulations. Further to this, we have demonstrated how we have used ‘best practice’ in all aspects of battery electric drive conversions that may not be currently covered in the regulations.


The operation manual covers start-up and shutdown, drive operation, controls, gauges and indicators, charging, emergency shutdown, electrical isolation and what to do in event of an incident.

Similar information to the operation manual, but with emphasis on how to render the vehicle inert, safe practices with the charger connection, and lockouts. Training will include first responder training and will deal with minor through to catastrophic events.

  • What is to be removed from the vehicle before installation of the conversion kit. It is assumed that the technician undertaking this phase will be familiar with removal of the LandCruiser engine, fuel system, transmission and exhaust.
  • Modifications to the dash.
  • Installation of the battery boxes, the electronics and the wiring loom.
  • Installation of the AC system including the cab heater, battery cooler and electronic heat exchanger.
  • Installation of the transmission, transfer box, and power electronics.
  • Routing of the motor phase cables, power electronics power cable, and motor/power electronic sensor/control cables.
  • Installation of the battery charger, DCDC converter and air ducting and liquid cooling systems.
  • Fitting the RH guard with the charger socket.
  • Fitting the emergency shutdown to the LH guard.
  • Battery box assembly. Battery Management installation. Front Battery box motor control and pack management control, fuses, and disconnects assembly.
  • Check procedure to ensure conversion is complete and to standard.
  • Initial power up and systems test procedures. Final commissioning check.

Safety aspects are documented where relevant in the operation and installation manuals. The first responder documentation we normally include within the operator manual.