The Voltra eCruiser™ fully electric 4×4 is purpose-built for underground & open cut mining to produce zero harmful emissions and save on maintenance costs, while still providing the trademark toughness and durability of a 70 Series Toyota LandCruiser.

Diesel emissions pose both short and long-term risks to health, ranging from mild effects such as headaches, irritation and nausea, to respiratory disease, cancer and even chemical asphyxiation caused by carbon monoxide. In 2012, the World Health Organisation concluded that diesel particulate matter is carcinogenic to the same degree as cigarette smoke and asbestos. Diesel machinery in underground mines presents some of the most severe exposures to this hazard.

Removing the source of the exhaust emission eliminates the problem, provides a safer working environment and reduces the enormous cost of removing contaminated air.

Learn about the conversion process in this blog post!

Zero Emissions

Zero Emissions
  • Health & Safety improvements for workers underground
  • Savings on mine ventilation (mine ventilation is 20% – 40% of total mine operations costs depending on the depth of the mine)
  • No need for diesel filter or adblue systems
  • Savings on emissions testing on LV’s – time & money

No Diesel Engine and Gearbox

No Diesel Engine and Gearbox
  • More torque from electric engine
  • Savings on servicing – air/oil/fuel filters, oil changes, costly mechanical parts replacement etc.
  • Savings on gearbox repair/replacement
  • Savings on diesel fuel

User Friendly

User Friendly
  • Less heat generation and no flammable fuel (zero chance of fire)
  • Quieter, smoother and more comfortable to drive
  • More powerful than the V8 turbo diesel
  • Single speed transmission

Less Maintenance

Less Maintenance
  • Fully sealed electric motor
  • Less moving parts in the power train
  • Fully-sealed components save time and resources
  • All electrical components rated up to IP67 and above

Power Recuperation

Power Recuperation
  • No need for downhill braking
  • Savings on brake repair and replacement
  • Battery pack charges while travelling downhill or when braking
  • Power recuperation from 2×4 & 4×4 system

Power Dampener

Power Dampener
  • Less stress on driveline components – savings on drive shafts, CV’s, diffs
  • Smoother and more comfortable to drive
  • Prefered by LV compared to diesel options
  • No ‘bouncing’ off speed limiter

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