Voltra will have specialists on site during deployment of the first vehicle for training & implementation. In terms of ongoing maintenance support, Voltra will be able to remotely diagnose any issues, provide advice on rectifying issues and have a complete range of replacement parts available. Ongoing development & continuous improvement will be a key focus for the future. Software updates & other upgrades will be offered as and when they become available.

Client will provide Voltra with a ‘donor’ vehicle to any of our workshops across Australia for conversion to battery/electric. Voltra technicians will remove the diesel engine and related items, install the conversion kit & commission the vehicle.

From date of PO & deposit received, it will take 3-4 months before conversion kit is ready to be installed. Installation will take 1 month & deployment on site including tuning will take 1 month.

Voltra will provide driver operation, vehicle safety awareness and vehicle maintenance training on site during deployment of first vehicle with follow up training as required.


The warranty on all components involved in the Voltra conversion kit is 1 year.

The electronics and the transmission are factory warranty. Voltra manages the warranty for the major third party systems such as drive motors, power electronics, battery cells, vacuum pump, AC compressor, DC/DC converter and battery charger.

As required by the situation. In general, most systems have limited repair options and so replacement is generally required.


As this vehicle is built specifically for underground mining conditions, there is no set pricing due to the different requirements of each mine site. This means the Voltra team will firstly have to scope out your requirements and site before pricing.

Yes, but as this vehicle has been built specifically for mining conditions, the Voltra eCruiser costs considerably more than a conventional utility vehicle on the road today.