Risk Assessment

Yes, a risk assessment has been performed on the Voltra eCruiser and is available on request. Further risk assessments specifically for particular mining companies and sites will be the responsibility of the mining company or contractor.

Event of Accident

Should the vehicle be sheared across the chassis, exposing some segment of a live battery circuit, electrocution will occur. In the event of this incident, for a collision of this magnitude to occur, death would highly likely be caused by impact alone. The type of impact and the effect needed for this to happen is nigh impossible. The likelihood of fire is extremely remote. Even should the vehicle be immersed in a fire, it may not result in the battery combustion.

Connectors are always a potential problem, but every connection we have used is automotive rated. Electronics can suffer from ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) solder failure – essentially creating intermittent dry joints; however, all such failures are exacerbated by high frequency vibrations, not low frequency bumps and knocks.